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Off Book: July 7, 2019

The Final Crunch

  • We have completed the learning and now it's time to drill, drill, drill!
  • MEMORIZATION is key.  Start learning those lines so Derrick can continue to shape character choices.
  • Be strong in your commitment.  If you go too far, it's easier to reel you back.  Go for it!
  • Next week, we begin Act rehearsals and our Conductor will be on hand.


  • Sandy and her team have coordinated over 100 costumes.  Some of you have many changes.  Please begin to plan for costume changes!  
  • If you have costume questions, please contact Sandy immediately at

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76 Trombones

Maya Angelou

"Our stories come from our lives and from the playwright's pen, the mind of the actor, the roles we create, the artistry of life itself..."